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"Hello, all. This blog is designed to keep my readers posted on any and all news about the SAT, the Unstandardized Tutors program, and the college admissions process..."

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Unstandardized Tutors is a tutoring company set up by Keely Owens to help students prepare for the SAT. We work with SAT math, writing, and verbal skills, and we do not tutor any other subjects.

We have three different services: a Mock-SAT, A Student SAT Learning Profile Consultation, and our primary service, an SAT Preparation Course. The mock-SATs are full-length practice SATs held roughly once a month, where we proctor and grade a practice test for interested students. The Diagnosis is a one-on-one session where a student's skills and abilities are tested in order to design an ideal SAT preparation schedule for that student.

The SAT Preparation course consists of 6 sessions. The first is a one-on-one session with the tutor, to assess the student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. The remaining sessions are held in small classes (no more than 5 students), and are custom designed to best prepare each unique group of students to improve their scores on the SAT. Periodic assessments are held to determine the group's progress. We recommend, although we do not require, that students take either a real SAT, a mock SAT, or a Diagnosis before they begin the SAT Preparation course.

"You take my breath away!"

- Sarah, Parent