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Methods & Results

Our Methods

We choose the specific lessons and style of each class after analyzing each student's SAT-relevant strengths and weaknesses, as well as his or her disposition and learning style. Lessons and methods may be all or some of the following:


  • General and Section-specific test taking strategies
  • Math, Grammar, and Critical Reading concepts
  • Essay writing technique
  • Focus & concentration
  • Time management
  • Test anxiety, material aversion


  • Games & friendly competitions
  • Demonstrations and lectures
  • Conditioning drills
  • Scholastic focus and meditation practice
  • Peer tutoring and review
  • Practice, practice, practice


We've been collecting data on our methods for over three years, and the results have been encouraging.

Mean Score Improvement 2004-2005: 80 (M), 40 (V), 100 (W), 220 (Total)
Mean Score Improvement 2005-2006: 100 (M), 70 (V), 110 (W), 300 (Total)
Mean Score Improvement 2006-2007: 130 (M), 60 (V), 200 (W), 490 (Total)

Overall Mean Score Improvement 2004-2007: 110 (M), 60 (V), 130 (W), 300 (Total)

"Now you can brag to your future students about how you once had this kid who did no extra homework on writing, but just followed the lessons and improved it by 150 points. I thank you very much, especially for that ego booster email you sent before the test - I still have it saved."

- Alex, Student