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History & Philosophy

Keely Owens, co-founder of Unstandardized Tutors, has been tutoring students in SAT material in the Montgomery County area for 6 years. A Walter Johnson High School alumnus, Keely got a 1540 on her SAT in 1998. She worked as a tutor while attending undergraduate school at the University of Maryland to receive degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, and upon graduation in the winter of 2004, she started Unstandardized Tutors in order to help fill what she had experienced as an empty niche in the SAT tutoring market: a tutoring program that actually took high school students for what they are and attempted to employ as much creativity as possible to engage them in the material.

"A theme of educational psychology is that nobody can learn something that doesn't interest him (or her) enough to hold his (or her) attention. ATTENTION: PRONOUN SINGULARITY RULE! As I tutored other peoples' SAT curricula, I noticed again and again that there was a large group of students who completely failed to benefit, because they could not bring themselves to pay full attention. Many of them were not apathetic students; they were bright and had good intentions, but were simply overwhelmed with distractions. Tight schedules, demands from their regular classes, commitment to extracurriculars, intimidation by or alienation from SAT material, and fast-paced social development, all came together to make dry subjects like algebra or grammar seem unreachable. As I was not so far from high school myself, I empathized with my students, and eventually I created an SAT preparation program that pulls out all the stops to make SAT tutoring relaxing and fun, and SAT material seem relevant."
- Keely Owens (Keely will most likely be your tutor if you sign up for our course!).

Unstandardized Tutors was built - and continues to adapt - as an answer to that void in SAT education. We have spent a considerable amount of time studying learning styles, confidence, and group dynamics to create a curriculum that keeps our students engaged, so that they can demonstrate their fullest potential when they sit down to take the SAT.

"I love this class, it was fun and not deadly boring!"

- Paola, Student