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"Hello, all. This blog is designed to keep my readers posted on any and all news about the SAT, the Unstandardized Tutors program, and the college admissions process..."

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Unstandardized Tutors - SAT Test Preparation

Unstandardized Tutors is an SAT preparation tutoring company located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Our classroom is particularly convenient to students living in Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, and Potomac.

We offer three services: a six-week SAT Preparation Course, mock-SATs, and Student SAT Learning Profile Consultations.

We are currently gearing up for our Winter and Spring tutoring sessions. We have an accelerated (4-week) course beginning the week of February 3 to prepare for the March 1 SAT. We have our full 6-week Spring Course beginning the week of March 15 to prepare for the May 3 SAT. Sign up or request information now!

We have just begun a blog where you can read the thoughts of our tutors, parents, and students. To learn more about our SAT tutoring program, read about our history, philosophy, methods, and results.


  • One-on-One Session added to SAT Preparation Program

    For the past three years, the Unstandardized Tutors SAT prep course has had six, three-hour classes, with two to four students in each class. I have occasionally tutored students one on one, but that was usually when someone's schedule didn't work out, or when someone missed a regular class. However, the amount of time I have been spending during class time 'getting to know' my students has been bothering me, as it cuts back on the time I can spend instructing them. So, I am going to try a new format for the upcoming sessions. Instead of having six classes, I am going to have five classes and one one-on-one meeting with each student, separately. I can spend those one-on-one sessions getting to know each individual student, and use that information to make the remaining class time more productive.

  • Spring Sessions Begin Mid March - Register Now!!

    The big spring SAT this year is on May 3, so I am going to begin the prep sessions the second week of March. I would like to do the one-on-one sessions toward the end of March, if possible. Anyone who is interested, sign up or request information now!! Spaces are filling up.

"My mom actually got really happy about my scores. She came downstairs and high-fived me and hugged me and what-not."

- Steph, Student